So who am I and why do I write?

Are you a feminist?

Yes.  With a capital F.  Roast me on a spit.

Are you a blogger?  Or do you do other things, too?

I’m an everyday bureaucrat for a government agency.  I do research and code for a living.  I blog for fun and to process emotions more productively than I could otherwise.

Are you a mom?

I’m a mom and a stepmom.  When I met my husband, he already had two kids.  I somehow decided we needed to add another one to our brood because two was not spendy enough.  In the near future, I will be dealing with a big age gap.  Think “a toddler and teenagers”.  Heaven help me.

Are you qualified to talk about any of this?

I mean, I’m a woman.  I do have a PhD in political science but I also have an undergraduate degree with a secondary concentration in gender studies and have done plenty of work on the representation of women in government.  Women’s issues and the issues of families are near and dear to my heart.  I am not a feminist scholar but I will often talk about feminist scholarship.  I am no Judith Butler but I’ve also never claimed to be!

Why write about this stuff?

The transition to motherhood is all around me.  I was the first to inherit kids in my friend group and the last to get pregnant with an “ours” baby.  I’ve seen a lot of sh*t.  You don’t know crazy until you’ve read 20 pages of a Cry it Out argument written almost entirely by PhD’s obsessed with attachment parenting.  Life is not easy for women and it’s no kinder to moms even though it claims to revere them.  It’s the biggest contradiction!